Day 32 (6) – Polesworth & a forced route change

We thought things were going too well!

We have had a really great day today with beautiful sunshine and a fast trip down the Atherstone locks and moored up in Polesworth by 3.00pm. A quick trip to the stores for some tools and provisions and a nice quiet afternoon in store😊
Wrong! Email from Canal & River Trust advising of a 3 week stoppage on the Leeds & Liverpool canal in Blackburn which is on our planned route home 😱. So we are going to have to go via the river Trent and then the Aire & Calder (again). While it actually shaves a few days off our journey it involves a stretch on the tidal river Trent which is a bit hairy but with a bit of luck this time of year it won’t be too bad. We have all the necessary kit on board for cruising on rivers and our previous experience on the Avon and Thames will come in handy.

It’s fortunate that we got this update today as we are ideally placed to make a right turn down the Trent & Mersey and then then Trent at Fradley Junction which we will likely reach tomorrow. Any later and we would have gone the other way and had to turn around. Every cloud …..

Nothing to do after logging in the change of route except sit in the sun and make supper (Cesar Salad with a couple of glasses of wine). It still makes me smile, the pared down simple life but dependent on mobile wifi enhancement, MacBooks, iPhones (whoops better not mention that last one 😱) for daily canal planning updates and keeping in touch with everyone. If we had not subscribed to the Canal & River Trust stoppages & closures email updates we would only have found out about this stoppage when we were there with all the horrid consequences of a 3 week delay! While we do our best to be “green & eco” while we are on the cut some level of technology is essential. We have to have life jackets for the tidal part of the Trent so on the waste not principle I sorted out James’s one when he was 8. It fits me!! It’s snug!! Tidal Trent here we come (in a while).

Our thanks to Adrian and Tina for their company and friendship this evening and also for sage advice on solar panels and cruising the Trent – lovely people 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 32 (6) – Polesworth & a forced route change

  1. Glad you left your card: I put it in a safe place and it has just resurfaced. It was lovely meeting you and pleased your journey wasn’t disrupted. I’ll try and read your full blog now!


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