Day 44 (18) – Home!

Wyvern is back on her home moorings tonight. Her crew are well but wet and exhausted ๐Ÿ˜€

We started off at 7.00am in the pouring rain and were at the Bank Newton locks (6) by 7.30. Nigel, the C&RT lockie on station recognised Wyvern and helped us straight through the flight in under an hour- must be a record so our thanks to him and his colleague whose name we didn’t get.

There were another 7 locks to go through before Skipton and most were in our favours so we were in Skipton by noon. The rain still hadn’t let up, if anything it was getting worse and despite our wet weather gear we were both soaked through, we reckoned we couldn’t get any wetter so kept going in the knowledge that home is a 4 hour run from Skipton. We could hardly see the house the garden is so overgrown.

We will give much thought to an epilogue but for now we have much catching up to do.

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